nonclassical podcasts

Gabriel Prokofiev’s nonclassical record label put out their first podcast this week on their website, curated by composer Tansy Davies, whose launch for new album Troubairitz is tomorrow at Cargo. The podcast, which promises to be a regular thing, features an hour’s worth of eclectic music, including several Davies pieces and quite a few other nonclassical recordings, introduced by the curator herself.


How’s this for a new model for classical record releases, then? Buzz on websites and mailing lists leading to a specially-curated podcast introducing tracks from the record. Then a high-profile album launch with live performances of album extracts, presented by the composer, before the CD is finally made available. All-in-all, the recording becomes much more of an event than it has previously been, partly due to the embarrassment of composers seeming to commit to one particular ‘version’ of their work, or risking being represented ‘definitively’ on disc. New recordings of new pieces should be a big deal, and making albums seem important, especially in the composer’s own eyes, should make them also seem worth investing time and money in.

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