The Rite of Spring Project returns to Peckham Rye

One of the highlights of last year was the free multi-storey car-park performance of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, organised by what is now known as The Rite of Spring Project (or ‘TROSP’), Peckham art collective Bold Tendencies and Nonclassical. This Saturday, 14th July, the huge TROSP Orchestra, comprised of young players from around London and the UK, return to the venue: the large car-park adjacent to Peckham Rye Station which also houses Frank’s Café and some fantastic views over London.

The piece that the ensemble have chosen to follow the Rite, which drew in an audience of 1,400 people including many curious newcomers to orchestral concerts, is John Adams’s cosmic Harmonielehre. Less famous but with many of the same exciting and immediate qualities as Stravinsky’s work, it will be interesting to see if the performance can generate a comparably rapturous response as the ensemble’s first venture.

For more info on the event/organisation, visit their website –> here <– NBNBNB: The event is now sold out. sorry…

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