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Hans Werner Henze (1 July 1926 – 27 Oct 2012)

The Marxist composer Hans Werner Henze died today. In many of his mid-period works, he managed to bring a deep political commitment to traditional, large-scale classical structures and a style which, while colourful and multifaceted, never drifted too far from … Continue reading

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three press posts: Straw Philistines

This is the final post in a series of three, examining writings about classical music in the British national press, the assumptions on which each article is based, and the ideology that it inevitably reproduces. The final article I want … Continue reading

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three press posts: Cosmetic Fallacy

This is the second post in a series of three, discussing recent classical music articles in the national press, the ideology that they conceal and the assumptions on which they’re built. This one is probably the most hilarious. On Thursday, … Continue reading

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three press posts: The Ideology of Failure

I’m trying to move away from posts that just involve arguing with opinion articles in the British press. It was sort of interesting, a few years ago, when people actually started discussing (albeit sporadically) the ‘crisis’ in classical music, and … Continue reading

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