the biting point in 2014

Just a few updates on what’s been going on at the biting point HQ (instead of our usual listings, reviews and rants), alongside the two operas with Opera Erratica and the MAAP Collective:::

  • I’ve been working on a couple of books, the first of which is a collaboration with Nonclassical and the photographer Dimitri Djuric, and will be a kind of photo essay-cum-fanzine about DIY new music culture in London since 2004 (the first Nonclassical gig and record). I’ve been doing a load of fantastic interviews for this with some brilliant musicians, composers and promoters, and I’ve already gathered far too much material, so some of it might make its way onto this blog once the book is finalised. A lot of my thoughts and opinions on recent events, like the London Contemporary Music Festival, have found their way into the book as well. Publication date is likely to be sometime around October – more details to come soon.
  • The other book is my big pop musicology/philosophy/sociology of music tract which is slowly accruing on our sister blog, The Night Mail, and will eventually be edited and formatted as a free independent, ebook thing. It’s current title is Pop, Power & the Vocal-Subject, and although its focus is on the pop song, it does also bring together a lot of my preoccupations about music and politics in general. I’m hoping that will be finished for Christmas, but no promises…
  • My other most pressing project is my Masters thesis, which is on the subject of ‘critical music’: ‘Can music (still) be critical?’. Depending on whether it’s any good or not, I’ll post it in some format on the blog by the beginning of September. I hope that, given all the research I’ve been doing for these writing projects, I’ll be able to extract some blogpost-sized chunks to share.
  • Finally, we’re hoping to write a second manifesto as a kind of critique of the first, reframing and refocusing it to better represent our current position, qualifying some of its conclusions and linking it more explicitly to radical politics. A lot of the manifesto we would now totally reject, but at the same time, it should be allowed to stand as a sincere statement from a legitimate position – that of ourselves as music listeners a few years ago – and it got enough attention that we don’t want to just remove it or just redact sections, but we do feel that it needs to be re-argued from a more self-reflexive standpoint.

For now, I hope you’re all as excited as we are that Multi-Story are performing Andriessen’s De Staat (AKA one of the best pieces everrrr) in the car park in August. TICKETS!!!

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