music writer and theatre maker : based in Manchester

publications: We Break Strings: The Alternative Classical Scene in London (Hackney Classical Press)

writes for pop blog: The Night Mail – essays, reviews and alternative listenings

collects music videos/video musics: States of Exception

other essays (film/art/politics) on bitings

soundcloud: The Biting Point // Odd Fuchsia here

contact: thebitingpoint [at]

1 Response to me

  1. Hi,
    I agree with a lot of what you wrote in your manifesto! And the parts where I don’t agree would make for an interesting conversation at least 🙂
    Sadly in contrast of what you state in the blog (public image of a composer) you are shrouded in mystery, so I don’t really know how to reach you except by leaving this comment. Would you be interested in occasionally writing for an English language blog that we plan to create as an extension of my “Bad Blog of Musick” that I do for the German Neue Musikzeitung Just an idea…
    Moritz Eggert

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