on music theatre:

Staking a Claim: Music Theatre as Provocation (NBMT Catalogue Essay) (May 2016)

Surveying New Music Theatre in the UK (June 2016)

What is Music Theatre? (August 2016)

What is Music Theatre Actually? (A Theory of Musical Performance) (August 2016)

Logics of Musical Worlds (A Theory of Musical Genre) (December 2016)

Can Music (Still) Be Critical? (September 2014)

On Music Resistance – a lecture for UNM 2014 (August 2014)

Aphorisms for the Future of Opera:

Two Aphorisms for the Future of Opera (May 2013)

Two More Aphorisms for the Future of Opera (May 2013)

Towards A Future Opera:

(1) // The Ideology of Opera Creation // (April 2013)

(2) // opera vs the commodity form // (April 2013)

(3) // Raising the Bar: Agonist Opera, Ensemble Opera, Auteur Opera // (May 2013)

on opera and ‘elitism’:

I. Opera and Elitism (July 2012)

II. Opera and Populism (August 2012)

III. Opera, ‘Elitism’ and Trickle-Down Culture (April 2013)

Feminist Music at the Southbank:

I. WOWhat?! (March 2013)

II. Weill’s The Seven Deadly Sins & Intersectionality (March 2013)

III. On Semi-Stagings (or, How To Silence A Political Piece) (March 2013)

on The Rest is Noise Festival (against the music museum) (January 2013)

Is classical music really for everyone? (November 2012)

three press posts:

1. The Ideology of Failure (October 2012)

2. Cosmetic Fallacy (October 2012)

3. Straw Philistines (October 2012)

‘Difficult’ Music (January 2012)

Towards A New Politics of Art Music:

I. Old Modernist Utopia, New Social Apathy (September 2011)

II. Historical Kitsch and the Dangers of Heritage (September 2011)

III. The Classical Establishment: Hegemony and Resistance (September 2011)

New Venues, New Conventions:

I. New Venues, New Conventions (July 2011)

II. ‘The Question of Qualitative Compromise’ (August 2011)

Classical Music/Youth Culture: Post-Match Analysis:

Round 1 (June 2011)

Round 2 (July 2011)

Round 3 (July 2011)

Conclusions (July 2011)

Alt-Classical/Post-Classical/Neo-Classical (March 2011)

Mixtape theory: Sympho’s ARCO (March 2011)


Live Review: Slip/VIRTUALLYREALITY @ The Soup Kitchen (April 2019 — published July 2019)

Live Review: Kourtney Kardashian @ HOME (March 2019 — published May 2019)

Live Review: Distorted Constellations @ Caustic Coastal (January 2019 — published March 2019)

Live Review: London Contemporary Music Festival 2018 @ Ambika P3 (December 2018 — published January 2019)

Live Review: Everything that happened and would happen @ Mayfield (October 2018 — published December 2018)

Live Review: Placebo @ The Lowry (October 2018)

Live Review: BLACK @ Jabberwocky Market (October 2018)

Live Review: An assembly @ Anthony Burgess Foundation (October 2018)

Live Review: Lady Vendredi’s Urban Rites: Battle Cry! @ The Apiary (June 2015 — published September 2015)

Live Review: Between Worlds @ The Barbican (April 2015)

Music Resistance at UNM 2014, Malmö (August 2014 — published December 2014)

Live Review: Sunken Garden @ Barbican Theatre (May 2013)

Live Review: Manga Sister @ The Yard (October 2011)

On Studio Opera in London (Live Review: OperaUpClose’s The Turn of the Screw) (August 2011)

Live Review: Yellow Lounge w/ Miloš Karadaglić & Danielle de Niese (July 2011)

Live Review: Muhly’s Two Boys (July 2011)

Live Review: Reverberations at the Barbican (May 2011)

Live Review: Rites @ Royal Festival Hall (May 2011)

Live Review: Chopped & Screwed @ Queen Elizabeth Hall (April 2011)

Live Review: Alarm Will Sound in Berlin (April 2011)

Live Review: Tansy Davies @ nonclassical, Cargo (March 2011)

Live Review: Turnage’s Anna Nicole (February 2011)


LONG LIVE SOUTH BANK. (in solidarity with the skate park campaign) (July 2013)

project notes:::

Triptych: a new work by Opera Erratica (May 2014)

White Haired Boy: an opera about Boris Johnson (March 2014)

Nonclassical & Freedom from Torture presents: KAFKA FRAGMENTS (December 2012)

Opera Erratica (May 2012)

Opera Underground (May 2011)

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